Voting in November? – Choose None of the Above

Polling signIt’s mid August and the election is fast approaching. I have always considered myself an independent (with a small “i”) willing to hear the voice of anyone with ideas that suggested they might do good for my city and state. Anyone willing to check my voting record will find that I have voted for Democrats and Republicans in the same election. I continue to be an independent, although I am finding it harder to hold that stance.

The political polarization is becoming increasingly frightening. Over and over, sound ideas are swept by aside in the name of party solidarity. I am obviously not the only one who thinks that the Democrats and Republicans are out of touch, witness the rise of the Tea Party. How did we come to the state where no one wants to hear the voice of an opposing idea? I understand passion. I understand commitment to ideals, but can no one be right but you, or me, or the person we agree with? Is there no room to consider the other side, whatever that may be?