Content Creation: Writing and Editing

Today more than ever, there’s a need for clear communication– precise writing and editing. Creative Ink Design Services can help you make the right impression with your current and future customers. Words can open doors or close them. When used effectively, words can sell products, tell stories, and change minds. Choosing the right words is important.

What do you need help writing?

Promotional articles, brochures, web site content, and white papers can help you enhance and grow your business. If you need writing and editing services for your latest event, upcoming product introduction, or annual report, Creative Ink Design Services can help you say just what you need.

CIDS offers a variety of professional writing services.

Coping with Breast Cancer in Northwest Ohio (Mature Living News)

Art, Design and Social Media Articles

A Question of Provenance
Old Things Found Again: The Art of Lafcadio Hearn
Visual Language: Why Words and Images Work Best Together

Consumer/Disability Articles

Before Buying a Mobility Scooter
Nursing Home Transition Program Frees Individuals
ADA Day at Toledo Zoo

History Research Articles

Shaithan’s Wind: The Sepoy Rebellion of 1857JanissaryThis is a brief chronicle of the military events surrounding the rebellion of the Indian troops of the British East India Company army during the summer and fall of 1857.

The Auspicious Event: The Military Significance of the Destruction of the Janissaries – The creation of the Janissary Corps in the fourteenth century represented the establishment of one of the first standing armies in Europe. This paper is a brief review of the janissaries and the collapse of Byzantine rule in Constantinople.

A Brief History of the Treadwell-Manning Family, 1899-1959 – At the end of the 1890s, Jim Murphy Treadwell (1874-1960) met and married Laura Wootten (1884-1960), a resident of Vienna in Dooly County, Georgia.

Newsletters and Flyers

Padua Center of Toledo’s Newsletter
Padua Center of Toledo’s Camps 2015

Political Commentary Articles

Never Mind Healthcare: Should Visitability be a Federal Law?
How to Get a Sink Hole Fixed in Toledo
Alternative Society: What if Women Dominated?
Voting in November? – Choose None of the Above