Graphic Design of Strawberry Pleasures Cookbook

The graphic design element is primarily the strawberry. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits so selecting recipes for this project was lots of fun. There are 10 recipes featuring strawberries as a key element; there are drinks, cakes, tarts and ice cream treats.

Strawberry Cookbook Cover

Graphic Design Process

The Cover

I designed the cover using a repetition of the word “strawberry” as the background. The title, Strawberry Pleasures, suggest something sweet and fun and maybe a little naughty. I chose Bauhaus 93 for the title font for the same reason. The glass of strawberry ice cream on the blue napkin invites you into the cookbook.

The Recipes

I chose the photos for the recipe pages first and then selected recipes to match the images. Since red is such a dominant color on the pages I used complimentary colors as elements in the piece. For example, one of the photos has a green overlay. Blue is also used liberally.