Shine: Type and Image Integration Project

The American Heritage Dictionary definition of “shine” is: To emit light.
To reflect light; glint or glisten. To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel.
To be immediately apparent.

Shine Embodied

Graphic Design Process

Integrating type and image to embody the meaning of a word was an interesting project. After selecting “Shine” for the project and looking the word up in a dictionary, I originally developed an image with a radial light emanating from the background. However, this idea did not use the type to embody the meaning of the word.

Instead, I used the Denmark font for the letters of the word “shine”. Denmark is a smooth, chunky sans serif font. The white type on the black background also emphasizes the meaning of the word, since the white letters have a luminescent quality against the black background.

The image element of the word is a shining flashlight which replaces the “I” letter. The use of black and white for the image gives the design drama and focus.