Hattie Restored: Photo Restoration


Original photo of Hattie Lee

My grandmother was a beautiful woman who lived most of her life as a creature of style. She was 85 years old when I found this photo and decided to restore it. In the photo she is a young woman of 32. The photo I used is a copy of a destroyed original. Although the image itself is not damaged it includes damaged areas from the original.

Photo Restoration Process

Hattie LeeFor the major rips in the photo, I used the Healing Brush tool and the Clone tool to correct the faults. Some sections of the image required the use of the Paint Brush to etch in fine lines.

To correct the upper right edge of the photo I used the Select tool to trace out the shutter and copy it. I flipped the copied section and merged it with the original photo selection. I used the same process to repair the dress sleeve. To colorize the photo I used the Selection Wand and the Quick Mask Mode tools. I placed each color on a separate layer. I experimented with various levels of opacity and various layer types to get the effect I want for the colorized image.