Graphic Design Principle Cards

I selected Color and Emphasis as my graphic design principles. I started the project with Emphasis and the choices that I made for that piece decided how to proceed with Color. I selected red, gray and black as my only colors.


E is for Emphasis

An exclamation mark is pretty emphatic, so I used the Gradient tool and the Ellipse tool to create the circles that are the main features for Emphasis and all the other cards. I used the Scale tool to alter the sizes of the circles.

I placed each circle on a separate layer and used the Line tool to place a guide for lining up the circles diagonally. Once I had the basic layout of the circles, I selected the font to use for the “E” that represents the word “emphasis”. I chose Brushed Script for the font, and then used the Scale tool to make it as large as I needed. Because of font transfer issues, I changed the font to a graphic image with the Create Outline tool.


C is for colorThe Color card developed from an idea of splashing paint. Again I used the Gradient and Ellipse tools to make the red dots. To give the dots a tear shape, I used the Pen tool. I imported the splash image and set it so that it would bleed off the page. I used the Line tool to make the wavy, fluid lines. I then used the letter “C” to represent Color.