Content Creation: Graphic Design

Print Production

A graphic designer should have a facility with multiple media and production modes. It’s not enough to use the computer to create visual imagery. A graphic designer should be able to use pen and ink, crayon, markers, as well as a plain old pencil. These are some examples of my graphic design print production work.

If you have a project that needs a creative design stamp, or are looking for a fresh perspective for your website, or print material take a few minutes to review some of my work. I promise to listen attentively to what YOU want and fulfill your project requirements.

There are any number of companies willing to promise you the sky, but leave you standing firmly where you are. Even if you are new to the business world, you know that you don’t get your work done if you don’t put real effort into it. I will work for You!


Creative Ink Design Services uses a variety of media and techniques, including charcoal drawing, paper collage, and photo manipulation to create dramatic and engaging imagery. Graphic design projects address particular issues with unique solutions. Some projects are fun, others are challenging, but each involves creative solutions to particular issues.

Graphic Design Portfolio (pdf)

Photo Manipulation

Using photo manipulation tools in graphic design can be fun and interesting. Each of the projects below uses various photo manipulation techniques to create engaging images.

Illustration Work

This is a compilation of some of my illustration work. There are drawings with pen and paper, as well as crayon and pencil.